29 Days of Giving: Day 4 : Secret Gives

Late last night – practically very early this morning – I decided to do a ‘secret’ give to my husband.  I was up finally watching the season finale of American Horror Story – only a month late – when I heard the familiar coughing and tossing and turning coming from upstairs.  Hubby’s respiratory infection seemed to be getting worse, so after my initial annoyance with thinking about the restless night ahead for both of us, I quickly moved myself into the spirit of the Giving Challenge.  And then it hit me…I purchased some essential oils in the fall combined in a formula made to alleviate respiratory ailments.  I dabbed some on a paper towel, and quietly put it on the nightstand next to his side of the bed.  My first secret give!  We both slept surprisingly well and he’s none the wiser, and I have to say, that feels kind of fun!  My goal is to give in secret to him once a day, and just see what kind of energy it creates.

I continued my giving in secret today by finally fixing our duvet cover – hey it only took me 2 1/2 years.  For some reason, the down comforter always slides to my side of the bed inside of the duvet.  The duvet has loops at the bottom that can be tied to the comforter but not the top.  I found a pair of unused shoestrings and sewed them to each of the upper inside corners of the duvet, locking it in place.  I felt like MacGyver.


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