29 Days of Giving: Day 2: Yin and Yang

My mind was racing from the moment my middle one not so quietly snuggled into bed with me this morning….what would I gift today.  I kept reminding myself that the point of this exercise is not to plan out each and every gift, but to open myself to consciously gift when the opportunity presents itself.  Nevertheless, I planted the idea of gifting the 2 sweatshirts that have been folded on my bedroom floor for over a week, but that seemed like cheating since I had already planned on giving them away….

I decided to treat myself to a coffee at a local coffee shop I visited earlier in the week…the owner is very friendly and welcoming and I’m really trying to support local business.  So after surviving a 40 minute haircut for my oldest son, I declared it time for a treat.  Upon arriving at the coffee shop I was bummed to see that the owner was not working; in her place, was a teenage girl with bright blue hair…polite,reserved,  a bit on the shy side.  I ordered my mocha, and three brownies for the kids.  Being in the bad habit of never carrying cash, I used my bank card.  Then I noticed the tip cup on the counter.  Normally I don’t feel compelled to give in these circumstances but today felt different.  It was near noon, and the cup was empty.  I dug through my purse hoping to dig up a single…no luck.  The best I could do was 52cents.  I hesitated, thinking to myself that 52cents almost seemed…hmmm…petty maybe?  And then I thought about the challenge…the point is to give consciously…and I clearly wanted to give a token of appreciation to this somber girl.  I quickly tossed my coins in when she had turned around to clean up from prepping my drink.  To my surprise, she quickly looked back at the sound of the coins, and with voice of gratitude sweetly thanked me for the tip.  The smile on her face meant mission accomplished.

We don’t appreciate enough what our simple interactions with others can mean…

As for Yin and Yang…are giving and receiving.  Not two minutes after publishing my first post yesterday, my phone rang and it was my neighbor gifting me two great Pampered Chef pans, a new book to read, and some clothes for Cate.  Cue Twilight Zone music…..

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.  Mahatma Gandhi


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