29 Days of Giving – Day 1

I had originally intended this blog as an outlet for my cooking adventures, but have decided to use it as a way to record my 29 Days of Giving (based on 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life by Cami Walker).  Today is Day 1…my gift for the day is to my oldest son.  Now that we finally have snow, he complains daily that none of the neighbors have bothered to shovel their sidewalks.  Mind you, his is not lacking in the winter attire department, and could fill in nicely for Randy in A Christmas Story.  But, it irks him ..so today I shoveled the sidewalks down to the corner…even those of my neighbors who are afraid that I will sue them if I get hurt on their property 🙂

I was struck by a passage I just read in Cami’s book.  I will approach my daily ‘chores’ with the attitude of giving a gift.

One little monkey is on her way down the stairs.  Looking forward to consciously giving tomorrow.


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